The sports betting industry has changed significantly over the last 15 years or so during which we have been a part of it. The growth in turnover has been quite remarkable and the number of sports, events and markets that you can now bet on are staggering.

From a punter's perspective, there has been a trend away from betting ante-post markets and towards betting higher frequency markets, and often towards more obscure aspects of a sporting event.

From the bookmakers perspective, there has been a trend away from compiling prices, and towards copying prices based upon market consensus, and towards customer management as a way of controlling risk in the absence of understanding what the true price of an event might be.

At Jarlon, we aim to provide your customers with the high frequency, niche opportunities that they want, whilst providing you with accurate, well modelled pricing.

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We provide trading models and software underpinned by extensive data. Our trading software gives you everything you need to be confident in your prices.

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The company is setting a new benchmark in pricing and trading for the industry. We have years of experience of building exactly what you need.

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