Been a while, but make mine a 99

Been a busy year since stopping doing my 365. Have managed my first solo exhibition. Towards the end of last year I joined the board of  the Horsebridge in Whitstable, it has been very interesting so far and I am determined to help the amazing team to grow the venue to be the cultural hub for Whitstable and the Canterbury District. One step we have taken is to create a pop-up shop, enabling the Horsebridge to sell smaller pieces of artwork from the wealth of artists that have exhibited at an accessible price and location. The first unveiling of the pop-up shop will be June 19th at the Horsebridge summer market and this has inspired me to create some unlimited edition prints that will hopefully sell and the commission that Horsebridge earn will go some way to ensuring the centre can continue to grow and continue to be a fantastic place to enjoy art. If you are about please do go along and support local artists and the Horsebridge.

So, anyway, waffling over, here are the 4 new prints for this weekend. Two are simplified variations of the limited edition Whitstable Oyster Beach and two are brand new creations. They will be available in A3 size for £35, A4 for £25 and then A5 cards for £5.


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