stuck in the car for day 3

Quite a bit of travelling involved on day 3, journeying back home from the new year family break. So photos on the little camera from inside the car. Not quite iPhone photos yet, won’t be long I fear!

day 2

More family fun today, this time down at the park. Very cold, so cold in fact that as I swung my arm round to point at something, my wedding & engagement rings flew off my finger leading to a furious hunt amongst the bark chippings to recover it. A small problem of not having gloves that I can use my camera with – must rectify that situation before it becomes an expensive oversight.

Anyway, here are today’s pictures. Enjoy.

365 – take 1

So, day one of project 365 and a walk across the rolling hills in the High Wycombe area was just what was need to blow away the Christmas cobwebs. With family in tow, and the youngest attached to my side in the carry, I was limited to one lens and whatever time I could grab when he wasn’t trying to escape or whack the camera.

Welcome to … well … here

My first blog post. So lets get straight to it. I have started this more as a photoblog than one of those wordy, thought provoking, blogs. That said, who knows where it will go. As I write this, it is here mainly to serve my 365 photo project for 2010.

365 photo projects are now undertaken by many photographers every year for different reasons. The project basically demands that you take at least one photo everyday for a year. Sounds easy … I am writing this on day 6 and have already struggled twice!

I hope you enjoy the images, for me I think they’ll be somewhat of a diary of my year. Don’t expect the photos to be amazing works of art, they’ll come from whatever camera I have to hand (following the concept of the best camera is the one you have with you) and may be simple family moments that I want to capture. It is a purely selfish project to drive me to take more images, with the aim of improving and challenging my photography though out the year.

I will post each “day” as a new post, even if I am waiting a few days before uploading, so don’t rely on the posting date!