Day 356

And the fireplace is now decorated too, aside from stockings which won’t go up until Christmas Eve. Best bit about these decs is the cards to us from the kids! So that’s it, aside from attempting to fit a new shower, we are ready for Christmas. Just a small matter of present wrapping to sort out!

Day 355

Decs have been put up by the fairies as far as daughter is concerned this year. Soooo many lies to one so small, still, she loves the idea of it all. Childhood last for such a short time now I am determined to pack as much imagination into it, if twinkly baubles are boosting that, I shall continue!

Day 354

Been working hard to get the mantelpiece up for some Christmas stocking hanging and today it was achieved. Rather pleased with the effect the painted vertical stripe has given the space. Next step, to cover it in decorations … saving that for another day!

Day 352

Absolute white-out today, inches fell in 2 hours. The main dual carriageway was practically gone. The kids loved it.