Light at the end of the tunnel on day 332

Today was an amazing day. I attended a lighting course, sponsored by Lencarta, run by Jonathan Ryan. Absolutely brilliant. I have never used studio lighting, I have some of my dad’s old lights, but these are nothing compared to the real lights I got to play with today. The course itself was my kind of course, small amount of technical information for the first 30 minutes (max) of the day, then the rest of the day involved instruction whilst using your camera and attempting different challenges using the lights and modifiers available. First time I have ever shot a real model and it was a really pleasurable experience. Family will be pleased of the break, amazing what a difference it makes to have someone in front of the camera who gets what you are trying to do. Very interesting to watch Jonathan direct a pose with such direct and simple instruction and hand gestures! I know I have taken on board a stunning amount of information and have come away with the confidence to purchase my first real lighting setup and put into action in the middle of 2011 a little plan I have had drafted for about 6 months. Looking forward to the steep learning curve ahead of me, but feel I have the first few vital pieces of information to help me achieve it and not just about lighting either. Brilliant.

Please bear in mind that these images have been taken while experimenting with what light does, they were not meant to be perfect. Teaching mechanisms!

When things can’t get worse on day 331

Just when I think I cannot possibly sink to an all time low, I go and do it. This was the only shot I had from today, it is out of focus (taken in the pitch black on the iPhone), off-centre (taken in the pitch black on the iPhone) and utterly pointless. Really is time to start putting the effort back in, or there really will be no point.

Wine o’clock on day 330

Wine order arrived for Christmas, I hadn’t taken an image (again) as bedtime approached, so this is it. Perhaps I shall challenge myself to get back on track for all of December. Afterall, not got much work to do. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Closed for the night on day 329

Random shot time. This plant, that we bought from the Eden Project, is touch sensitive and shuts all its leaves when touched. It also shuts all it’s leaves when it gets dark, so thankfully this rather manky look is not because I am killing it off!

A light touch on day 328

Daughter is still not back at nursery, pretty touch and go as to whether her pox is totally clear, but as she was still not herself, figured it would do no harm for a bit of mother-daughter time whilst the son was in nursery. It is not time we often get anymore, something that always worried me when son came along, so was a guilty pleasure to take her shopping to Ikea and then Bluewater. Lovely day, was hilarious watching her test everything out, especially after she realised no-one would be telling her off for sitting on the sofas and beds!

Time’s up on day 327

Random shot of a clock, set to completely the wrong time as the kids can easily play with this and frequently change the time. I’ve given up using as a clock anymore, simply exists to entertain the children. Yes, another glorious image!

Heart on my sleeve on day 324

A marvellous day, managed to help sister in law meet her challenge of Charity Shop £10 Christmas party outfit, thank you Herne Bay, you did not disappoint. Followed by an afternoon mooching around Canterbury, putting our worlds to right combined with shopping, can’t be beaten. Anyway, amongst all that enjoyment I didn’t use my camera, so had to shoot this image as I walked past my coat on the way up the stairs. Another whoops.