Square stereotype on day 290

Despite lots of ideas still left for the square theme, including a brilliant suggestion relating to square root and root veg, I have decided to portray the social stereotype of “square” as glasses wearer.

Pixelated on day 289

Cannot believe I have overlooked the most obvious square for me. The pixel. Have had a rather busy and fabulous day and time flew by (a little fuelled by wine possibly), so it is rather uninspired shot and rapid shot of  my screen. Just for a little extra touch I have selected a square amongst the pixels. Thanks to Em for the idea.

Antediluvian on day 288

Or square to you and me. Another book based square tonight, no more maths you might be pleased to hear. Instead the Thesaurus alternate word offerings, thought it may prove an inspiration for one of the two remaining images this week. Couple of alternatives, wasn’t sure which take on it I preferred. Feel free to let me know which you prefer.

Practical Cryptography to the rescue on day 287

Very, very hectic day and still had the square theme 365 to shoot. Wanted to move away from the square visual and thankfully our copy of Practical Cryptography practically jumped of the shelf and yelled MATHS at me. So here is the next in the square series this week … squared.

Fruit salad and ice cream, squared. Day 286

Still working on the square week. Had an idea, executed to about 70% of what I imagined. Not got the time to do it as I’d have liked, but hopefully you get the idea and like it. Squares of fruit (and seeds, ran out of fruit options) and a square of ice cream, melting.

Square face on day 285

Running out of time today to take an image. Grabbed square and rectangle things to make a square. It just happened to make a face (if you squint) and let me have some fun with lighting and some Lightroom basics. Quick bit of fun.

The start of square week on day 284

Given the 100mm week made me use my camera and not my phone for a whole week, I thought I’d set a challenge for myself again this week. So, randomly I picked square. Nothing more than that. To begin, here is my first square them image, whole bunch of square things around my home. Simple lighting, quick image.

10th day 10th month 10th year (of this century) and day 283

Yep, another binary day. Also 10.10.10 day. Binary value of 42. So also Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy day! Here is the result of all those things. I did try to take it at 10:10pm too, but chilled out for too long and only managed one of them at this time. So I took the second one 10 minutes later. Enough 10’s in there?!

Oh, and I completed a week of shooting images only on my 100mm. Wahey. No iPhone pictures this week.

Flaming dance on day 282

New wood stove needed running in, so thought I’d use it as an excuse to take some quick images of the flames. Used the 100mm, probably wasn’t the best for the job, but I wasn’t going to miss out on the macro week!

Tidying up the tulips on day 281

My tulip gift was on its last legs and I noticed as I went to clear the dropped leaves away how glorious the colours looked laying against the slate. I loved the pattern and the translucency of the leaves as they lost their vibrancy and my 365 for today was born. Was only planning a quick snapshot, got but addicted to try different things and before I knew it, an hour had passed. Quite pleased with them, even if they are staged. Day 5 of macro week, just 2 days to go. Feeling rather pleased, lets see if I can make it through the weekend.