Forty and burnt out on day 269

I would hasten to add it was not my 40th. Not quite there yet. Although I do feel like I am far beyond that most days. Monstrously busy weekend, particularly today, so here are the remnants of the cake and the day.

Choo Choo. Class 37. Day 268

My name is Zoe Cloke and my brother was a trainspotter. Trainspotter Siblings Anonymous. For the record I have two brothers, so please don’t harshly judge one of them. Awww bless him, in reality he was allowed to travel over more of the country at a younger age than I ever was, as my parents believed he would stay out of trouble because all he ever did was sit at the end of a platform writing down train numbers. Such a clever strategy as it turns out. He was never suspected of behaving badly, ever. Anyway, he now turns 40, so just for fun, this is the cake we made him to celebrate.

Lets straighten something out on Day 266

Every now and then my daughter gets confused as to why I say how gorgeous her curly hair is whilst I actively straighten mine to remove the frizz. She doesn’t understand that hers is gorgeously curly, yet mine is just crooked, so for the 2nd time in her life, to prevent total meltdown, hers got straightened today. It. Just. Looks. Wrong. (And she looks a little too much like Boris J for my liking!)

New toy for the boy on day 264

I love this toy. Simple wooden cuboid. 4 holes. 4 balls. 1 hammer. The pent up frustrations of a new 2 year old are gone. He gets all fighty now and I just direct him to the balls and the hammer. Great lesson for later in life!

First day back, relax. Day 262

Or not. The hole in the wall for the wood stove was plastered whilst we were away, so in the spirit of excitement, I swapped the room around so the sofa wasn’t right in front of the hole anymore. This meant re-cabling work to prevent wires crossing in front of the fire. Much fun. Achieved much of this before hubby and son even got out of bed. Go me! Now just need to work out how to decorate the room and ‘blend’ that TV. Photographically speaking this 365 is just stunning, I know!