Lovely bank holiday on day 242

Last bank holiday of the year before Christmas. What a terrifying thought. To take our minds off that, we went for a fabulous breakfast in Hythe, followed by a wander round Port Lympne. Found a lovely little cafe, the Nutmeg Cafe, if you are ever down that way. Port Lympne was great and tiring as always, making the most of our annual passes. Really wish that place was just a little less hilly, still, it is a great workout with a pushchair. Anyway, didn’t get the camera out, so just grabbed this one at the close of the day. Feel some loyalty to the base foodstuff, has got me through the last week!

Funniest moment of the day was a small voice from the back of the seat dropping something and saying “blooming ‘eck”. When I suggested that perhaps that she shouldn’t say this, she asked me to say it for her. Brilliant.

Last minute entry day 241

With a literal minute to go according to the laptop, here is the image for today. Sorry. Had a really slow day at the art fair and wasn’t feeling on top form anyway. Another dent to the motivation.

Real image shocker on day 239

Hold the front page. Here is a real image, 3 in fact. My mum saved this butterfly from the dining room and it seemed content to just stay, wings closed, ont he plant it was rested on. It did eventually fly off, but I was glad it waited so I could grab a couple of images.

We also had an amusing day out, so there are a couple of family iPhone shots in there too, playing with the fun that can be had with the iPhone shutter. This has become just a little bit more than a photo-a-day and no words blog, just need to work on writing good words.

5 years on (day 238)

5 years ago today I got married.We had hoped to celebrate today, but life kind of got in the way. I’ve been properly ill since Sunday (and I am an awful ill person, never admit I’m ill and just keep going until I break completely) and husband has been pulling 16 hour days for work this week, so life is pretty much on hold. We will get back to it, but we have a whole year to celebrate, 365 days in fact, but for right now, we have each other and that is simply enough for us.

Yeeeee-haaaaaaa on day 237

5 years ago, on the eve of my wedding day, I am not sure I could possibly have flashed forward and imagined my life today. Certainly not one where my life is dominated by a Jessie and a Tinkerbell and neither of my children are called that. Bless you cinema, the big TV with the curtains has brought a whole new world to my daughter. I’m not sure mine will ever be the same again either!

Just Le-go on day 236

It arrived yesterday, but having felt vaguely motivated to be excited by it. So, to compensate, it features today. These 365’s are going to be rather drab until a hint of human life form returns to this body. Sorry. These Lego storage blocks are brilliant though. I want to build a wall out of them. Not supporting, obviously!

Sex, drugs and rock and roll on day 235

Sex: Female

Drugs: For alledgely allowing myself to become so run down I have picked up a nasty throat infection I am now on a 10 day course of 8 of these things a day. I don’t do tablets. Urgh.

Rock and roll: Hmmm, I kicked a stone on the way back from the doctors?!

Feeling seriously poorly on day 234

There really is zero effort here. This is the photo I took just as I was about to crash, feeling terrible, and that fleeting thought passed through my mind (or the hubby said it out loud). “You taken your 365”