Whitstable Oyster Festival 2010, first day. Day 205

Lots of images today, sorry about that. Great day out, never seen the bubble looking so busy. If you’ve never been you should. On all this week too, somewhere to entertain the kids, so much going on. Today we saw the landing and blessing of the oysters. These were then taken on parade through town. Meanwhile at various venues throughout the town you could get the low-down on massaging, creates prints, see art (including the A1 art exhibition!), eat ice cream and drink beer. We also went and watched demonstration on Newfoundland Rescue dogs. They were really stunning dogs, wouldn’t fancy taking one for a walk though, huge things!

Joe McNally seminar on day 204

Attended the Joe McNally seminar at the Business Design Centre in Islington today (amazing building inside). Interesting seminar, got quite sluggish in the afternoon, but was great to watch the man in action. Aside from the information that was being disseminated from the stage, one little gem that had me amused the most came from a member of the audience. He declared that black and white images were just used to save a bad colour image. He never created them. They were never good things. Hmmmm.

Hairy dinnertime on day 203

These plates (great gifts from my older brother) have made dinnertime much easier. If food is hair, or a beard, or, well you get the idea, it gets eaten. Faster too. Thanks for creating Food Face Plates (by Fred!), one part of life just became easier (well until the novelty wears off!)

The iMac affair continues. Day 202

Another day of working, which means I am still switching between PC and iMac. What amuses me most now, is that when I got the iMac, the thing that bugged me most was how uncomfortable the mouse is. It is so flat compared the the Microsoft mouse I’d been used too. Had a bit of a whinge about it with some like-minded folks on twitter too. Now however, I don’t seem to notice it, to the extent that when I have to use my Microsoft mouse, it now feels too chunky. Strange how you adjust, eh. As you can tell, slow news day, so slow photo day. A 365 of a couple of mice.

Roar for day 199

Been too busy catching up on posts to take an image and need to get an relatively early night forĀ  a change. Given it is day 200 tomorrow, I will make an effort (after I have been to see Toy Story 3!), but for now, meet the boy who will not let you near his yoghurt. Really.

Day 197. It’s been a #marrowthon

Well, I have learnt that a zucchini, courgette and marrow are all one and the same plant, just in different stages of growth, or at least I think I have. Someone please tell me for certain. In the mean time, here is the thing I thought was an overgrown courgette, that may just transpire to be a marrow.

Day 196. A1.

Prints are up at A1 Horsebridge Exhibition. Not the best images I’ve ever taken, even for the iPhone, but they’ll have to do as they summed up the day. Amused to see that my two prints were positioned right below Emily Turners fabulous silk screen print, Horsebridge didn’t even know we are life long friends. Really impressed with my dad too, who for the first time ever has exhibited a piece of his art work.