Answers to day 176

If you haven’t had a look at day 176 yet, then don’t read this post yet, go to day 176 and play first, then come back here and see if you were right!


1. Neck on the line

2. Head in the sand (up to your neck in it guesses also work brilliantly though!)

3. Heads will roll

4. Head on the block

5. This one has two acceptable answers … Head for heights or Head above the rest.

Thanks for playing! No-one got them all right, but noteworthy guessers were @jon_read, @oystertown and @neilwhitstable. @GaryWinstanley get special mention for his “what he said” tweet! Inspired.

Curl right in the middle of her forehead (day 175)

Brilliant day with the kids today (considering they were both in awful moods thanks to them both getting up to early). I distracted myself from their grumpiness with housework this morning and we then spent the entire day out in the garden soaking up the sun. Daughter managed a great swimming session, which consequently meant her hair went into super-curly mode. We were talking about her hair being in tiny little curls and she simply had to see it, this is the face she pulled doing so. Not a photographic stunner, but cracks me up. A personal 365 today and proud of it.

Caught in a trap on day 173

This poor little bug or fly, not sure what it is (Dragonfly, Mayfly, any clarification welcome), was yet another flying creature to get caught indoors. Obviously I always attempt to release these poor things from certain death, (although wasps get less assistance than most creatures), but this was such a magnificent looking thing I decided I had to try and capture an image or two of it first. I am pleased to say that after its photo shoot, it was guided successfully outside and flew off.

edit: I have now been informed by @IHphoto that it is a Female Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly. Many thanks.

Very much the longest day for day 172

No sunrise or sunset pictures from me though. Just this quick iPhone job. Far too busy attempting to get the irrigation system working in the veg beds today, currently taking over and hour to water everything, need to grab that time back.

Fathers Day Gift.

Not a 365, but wanted to share the gift that I created for my amazing husband for his Fathers Day gift. The sproglies aren’t really old enough to create something for him yet, so I thought I’d step in this year. He is a brilliant dad (and a wonderful husband, but this isn’t hubby day, so we’ll gloss over that) and we both know how quickly the time flies, so I wanted to create something that captured the spirit of his children that wasn’t just another photo. Hope it works. Guess I’ll find out. Posted this now, as he is asleep and won’t read this until after he has the gift! I have included the main image and then some close-ups of the words that make the outlines on the silhouettes.

Patriotic (and Pimms) for day 170

Busy day today. Went to say goodbye to a friend leaving us for sunny Surrey. Took a fair few images, but they were of all the children playing together and I won’t post images of other peoples offspring without permission, so here is the only one that doesn’t include someone else. My boy really needs to sort out his hair though, he has a hairline like his father! Bless him.

Funny faces. Whoops. Day 169

Probably shouldn’t have asked the daughter to pull some crazy faces, it all got a bit out of hand. She is good at it though. Was rather reliant on her enjoying it, so that I could get son to do the same. This collection now forms the print collage I have created for my dad for fathers day. He is such a doting Grandad, he’d prefer this to anything with us kids in it 😀