Blown away on day 151

Bit of a strange day today, youngest slept until 11am, whilst the eldest got up at 6 and was such a grotbag that she got sent back to bed at 9:30. She must have needed it as she slept for an hour and a half and was a much more pleasant little person once she got back up again. Seeing as our times were all shot, we decided to just head out and get blown away along the seafront. Yet again left it to the hubby to pick a spot, part of his education of Kent, so we ended up in Minnis Bay. Will get him further south next time I think. Lots of images of the kids, particularly like the expression on daughters face with the wave shot, not interested in the slightest, until it got her wet!

Art Sunday on day 150

Bit of a busy and tiring day at Faversham’s Art Sunday, but managed to pull a couple of images out of the hat. Really should have spent less time watching Eurovision and more time getting prepped, then I wouldn’t be so tired. Played with the Oilseed Rape Field image a lot, wanted to make it more brushstroke and less accurate, I have plans involving a canvas for this one.

Early start for a Saturday (day 149)

A promise of breakfast out as a family if daughter slept in her own bed all night meant an early start this morning. Husband randomly picked a Kent destination he hadn’t been to and we set off to find a cafe. A lovely morning all-in-all, breakfast at The Buttery Cafe, wander along the beach and then a stroll through town. Then the clouds rolled in and we headed home just before the rains came. Images were all taken on the crazy wide angle lens, kids loved mucking about in the sand, so very little cajouling required to get them to play for the camera.

Image-tastic on day 148

So I grabbed the camera and just went in the garden, with the kids and started shooting. Random selection taken over a few hours. I personally love the final eye shot simply for the reflection. Didn’t mean to capture it, but I did. Also rather like the bee shots, particularly the side shot of the wing length. I’ll upload them to Flickr now too, if you prefer to view them over there.

Urgh day 147

Been an up and down day. One of those Thursdays that follow the kids being tired out after 2 days at nursery. We either slept (son) or adjusted our attitude (that’ll be me and daughter) and ended the day laughing and giggling. Best way. So aside from that and a stack load of work to get through once the kids were in bed, loads of free time to take a 365. Or not. So here comes the iPhone magic.

Just one pair of hands on day 146

Ever had one of those days when you scream to yourself that you only have one pair of hands. I am up to my eyes right now with a huge workload, I love that feeling, but it just means that I go into super-focused mode and start blocking out noise. It has been a long time since I’ve done this, probably since I was working full-time, in the PK era. It is exciting, as the projects I am working on are only things I am interested in, each for different reasons, but I do need to remember that I do have just one pair of hands and my priorities in life differ now from where they were 4 years ago. How things change.

Peeing about by the pool on day 144

I thought yesterday was a gorgeous day, today was amazing. Spent from 11 until 5 out around the pool. Lashings of suncream everywhere, breaks for food and drink and chilling with the family. Can’t ask for more; except maybe, that is was a weekend and all our family and friends were there, but hey, not bad for a Monday. It would appear though that the excitement was too much for one little girl, who rarely left the pool area, even to wee. Now have a designated wee’ing spot where I have some weeds to be killed off. So grim, but that is the thrill of being 3 I guess and it wasn’t in the pool, so I’m happy. So, for my 365 today, I decided to use the images I managed to snap on our little camera before the batteries died. Not spectacular, but a great reminder of the mood of the day.

Hope the day helped my brother in his recuperation from getting his leg squashed when someone knocked him off his motorbike, he couldn’t swim (barely stands), but got many laughs! Think Bike people, Think Bike.

What a scorcher on day 143

Glorious sunny day today, felt like high summer rather than mid-spring. Lets hope it is a sign of the summer to come rather than being the only summers day we get this year! We were lucky enough to make great use of the day by going to a birthday party of one of Red’s friends. Lots of swimming pool action.

Friends over on day 142

We had our lovely friends from San Francisco over for a brief stay this weekend, lovely to see them, really wished we all lived so much closer. Today’s image is a quick image I took of Red before the day really started for our jet-lagged chums. After this moment, the day just flew by. One day soon we’ll be brave enough to take both kids on the flight to the west coast!