Snail tummy on day 114

My daughter has a rather strange fear of snails. No idea why, but she goes into a meltdown when she comes across one. This happened this afternoon as she was playing in her sandpit. I decided to grab a couple of shots as it climbed around a clear pot in the garden. They actually move quite fast, when you are trying to shoot them that close up. Never really thought about snails having mouths either. Weird looking from the underside really.

Beach Life. Day 113

Busy Life. Fun Life. This Life. Today I chose this life. No work, nothing but family. The kids and I have done Sing and Sign class, followed by Ballet class (daughters first and absolutely brilliant, can’t wait for the son to start!) and then an afternoon at Farming World, bouncing around the play area and looking at the animals. Brilliant. So much so I couldn’t face stopping our life for my life and cancelled my Saxophone lesson tonight, just wanted the fun to carry on. So, once husband had finished working (from home) we used commute time to head to the beach, pick up the grandparents and go and throw stones in the sea. Obviously I took a few images,  but that was to be expected, right? The first in the series is my personal favourite of the sun ones, let me know what you think.

Day 112. Cleaned and filtered

Spent the day cleaning the house, proper cleaning, a good old fashioned spring clean. Even skirting boards and door frames. Rather fun in a sick kind of a way.

Anyway, photographically a new filter turned up (like magic), so I had a very quick play with it once kids were in bed. Really needs full daylight to show full potential, but thought I’d show my first image taken with it. It basically put a very strong pair of sunglasses on my lens and makes for fun trying to work out what I am looking at. For this shot I had the shutter open for 260 seconds at f18. Fun!

Memo me on day 111

All the ones. Had plans for a bit of outdoor macro work today. The time never came for that, then suddenly it was 11:30pm and I had no image. Still have a lot of work to do before bedtime, so while mapping out rest of my work, I decided to use a couple of props and do a quick 365 iPhone pic. I know, it is a masterpiece. Sorry.

Cow in a Head Spin on Day 110

Not much time for shooting today. Still trying to get a couple of shots, but local farm animals are not playing ball. So after another aborted attempt, I decided to have some fun with an poor image in photoshop instead. I have uploaded the fun one and the poor original, just so you can see how it all started.

Multi Aperture Me on day 109

Busy old day, so not managed to shoot 365 until 10pm tonight. Following on from a little twitter banter, we decided on a Self Portrait challenge. Not being one for this kind of thing (as from showing of the new haircut in the past) I decided to hide, but still capture the essence of me. So here I am hiding behind a photo frame, with the camera reflecting in the glass over my eye. Kind of works.

Day 108. Dirty sunset and the fashionista

Aside from an iPhone image of the lovely Whoopie Pies baked today, I had only managed one other image, which I share for fun, my son, the fashionista. You wait, this summer all the toddlers will be in just one welly and a nappy.

Anyway, neither of these were exciting me enough to use as my 365. So, as it is a weekend and the other babysitter is available (husband), I thought I’d see if there was a glimmer of hope of a glorious sunset. Again, not really, but as I have lots to prepare for a small exhibition I am attending this weekend, I have no further time to spare on 365 today. So, a dirty sunset it is.

Day 107 all shot by 10:07

Crazy misty morning in Kent today. Still no flights due to the Iceland volcano eruption and the skies were a crisp blue behind the low lying mist. Despite an appalling nights sleep courtesy of our daughter, the opportunity that presented itself outside was enough to get me up and out with the camera early this morning. So early in fact the images were taken and processed (aside from tags and descriptions) before 10am. Shocking.

Another sunset attempt on day 106

Rare event occurred today: skies looked clear, husband was working from home (so I could leave him with sleeping children) and the sunset looked promising. So off I went. Decided to try somewhere other than Reculver, in case it and I had sunset voodoo. Turns out not to be the case, must just be me. Yet more cloud rolled in, but for once being in land a little means this sort of paid off. Well, I think so anyway.

More natural for day 105

Seems to have been a busy day today, running people here, thre and everywhere. Finally got some chill time in the late afternoon. My dad was round, so the kids badgered him into doing another tractor tow. This time I’d see if I could capture any images of my daughter without her tongue sticking out, seem to be her posing face of the moment. Quite pleased as I have captured a little of their personalities, not sure either of them will appreciate the dress sense when they are older though, still, that is what happens when they choose it for themselves.