Food and Macro was the challenge for day 90

Well, they are not really macro, but they are food and I (mainly) had fun doing it. Watch out on cucumber 2, I think there is a funny little shape to the bubbles. For the record, tomatoes do not ‘plop’ well. Do have another idea from this one though for a later date. Watch this space.

Word of warning, 365 may deteriorate in quality over next few days as I have really close friend coming and I won’t be spending the time on the shooting. Real shots, rather than staged I think.

Mixed bag for day 89

OK. So I slacked off yesterday. If you don’t care why, just scroll on down and start reading from “So, the images”, otherwise, fill your boots! I wasn’t in the mood to write the post and thought I’d explain a little bit about why. Those who follow me on Twitter might have read that after 18 months, I finally feel like a fog that has surrounded me since the birth of my son has really started lifting. This might sound all very weird, but there will be people who can understand. It is not just the children, but a lot of other things that have been happening that led to far too much mental activity and considerable self-doubt. This coupled with the massive change in role from 16 hour days working in a mad geek tech environment to staying at home with the kids, has been a lot to take in. I don’t regret any of it, but it has been flipping hard work at times! So, just as I start feeling like things are moving and I am happy with me and my lot in life, a couple of things happened yesterday, that tested my new resolve. Ironically too, as I grow back in self-confidence about me, my professional doubts, that I can’t cut it, creep back in. This is a good thing, this is what made me continually strive to improve in my career and makes me want to do the same with my art and photography. So all of this bundled together meant I just was not in the mood to post images that I was not particularly pleased with. Today, however, I just don’t care. I walked away, I slept and I put it all back into perspective and I feel much better again. I do so miss the Duvet Days of a working life!

So, the images. The first is a barn (and yes, I have severely over processed this, that was the look I wanted). Apparently this used to be used for making traditional fencing, but since that business closed down, the barn has just been left to dissolve. Guess I have a bit of a thing for old wrecks. Seems a sad waste. Then, the lambs. I am still on the hunt for the lamb picture I have in my head, I don’t want to achieve it by visiting a centre, I want to do it with those bouncing around in the field. So, another failed shot, but I like the fluffy little things so much I have still included one! Just for completeness, I thought I’d do it as a before and after. So, the lamb shanks we had for dinner last night make a funny little appearance.

Bellis apparently on day 88

I had to go and find the pot this plant came in, just so you know I am not really that hot on my plant names. Despite the rather substantial amount of plant photography in my 365 I am not overly green fingered, but, thankfully, they are all around and great stand-ins for when I have not been able to shoot anything else all day.

Glad hubby was not home for me taking this one, otherwise they’d probably be a rather embarrassing ‘from the rear’ image of me trying to get these ground level shots in the rain with an umbrella covering some of me and all of my equipment, camera remote in one hand, off-camera flash in the other and peering into the low mounted camera. Not a good look, I’m no Rear of the Year. Thank goodness we live on a quiet street.

Last of the week of B at day 87

Somewhat loosely based, I have tried to make all of my images fit a ‘B’ alphabet theme this week. Some obvious; Biscuits and Buds, others less straightforward; Blooms and Birds, while the remaining two of Babies (for Lambs) and Barnet (for my new haircut) are pushing the concept a bit.

Today I had the suggestions of Booze and Bottoms, so I combined the two. Enjoy!

Hair, gone today, not tomorrow on day 86

Bit of a cheat, quick portrait of me with new haircut. Quite a large step for me as I normally play it pretty safe and only vary hair length by an inch or two. So, if you can’t say anything nice, do as your mother said, and don’t say anything at all! Please be aware, this will be one of the few times I feature this close in my 365, I much prefer to be behind the lens, not in front of it. Other picture is there for reference for those who don’t know me and yes, the new image is softened!

Budding Photographer on day 85

Took a wander round the garden in a rare moment of peace and decided today’s 365 had to be about the buds coming out everywhere. Too much wind to get a great deal of images, everything being jostled by the continual breeze, but captured a couple that I like.

Bit crumb’y on day 84

I am part of a Flickr group called Alphabet Week, which aims to take an image a week of the ascending letters of the alphabet. Last week I managed an Apple. This week I have managed to theme the whole week around B (loosely), Blooms, Birds and Babies (Lambs). To ensure that my B was not to weak, I decided to mix up something I’d been wanting to do for a while with the B theme. So here are my childhood biscuits. I have a funny feeling this will end up as small prints on my kitchen wall. What other biscuits would you add?

Flirting with photoshop on day 83

I have pretty much tried to stick to out of the camera images for my 365 to date, but today, one of the images I decided to have a little play with. It was a dull day and landscapes were all quite flat, however, I wanted to have a play with this scene. I have been waiting for the right day and the sheep being in the right place, it hasn’t come, so I decided instead to take the shots, merge them and then play with them. Simple HDR wasn’t enough for me on this, so I have overplayed and I rather like the effect it has had on the scene and particularly the sheep.

Whilst out, I saw my first field of lambs, so couldn’t resist a quick snap.

Day 82 was a quick seagull flirtation

Had some time to kill this morning between meetings, so used it to get sand between my toes and see how close I could get to snapping some seagulls. Three images made the cut, here they are. They aren’t going to break any WOW barriers, but it is a start on an area I haven’t really bothered with before.

So now, I am on a bit of a B week. Blooms yesterday, Birds today … what will tomorrow bring?

No motivation on day 81

Continuing on from the weekend, had a lovely day with daughter today, son is still being a little toad, but he is definitely sickening for something, so he is forgiven (as always). However, a lovely day, means a very tiring day for me, so was not really motivated to go grab images tonight. Back to the old faithful, flowers. I would like to say that no flowers were harmed in the making of these images, but I can’t. They are very wilted now. Hope it was worth it!

Quite pleased with the daffodil image, just not sure if I like it better in colour or black and white.