Off to see the animals (day 31)

Well, here we are, at the end of the first month. Been a bit hit and miss already, but I am getting in to the swing of things now (famous last words). Today was the trip to the local Wildlife park in Wingham that we postponed yesterday. Rather cold and there was no hanging around for the sproglies. See the animals, work out what the animals were and if they’d bite their fingers, then move on to the next animal. All this until we reached the park, then, amazingly, we could hang around for ages. If you are local, and haven’t been it is a brilliant place. Walk-through with wallabies and lemur (though they have restricted this, as despite numerous signs stupid people were still feeding them) and lots of other animals. Possible the most hands-on animal attraction near us.

Two muddy and tired children later I managed a few images that I am using for today’s 365. Need to work on my focusing at close range, none of the birds feel sharp enough and the Lemur definitely isn’t, but I loved the expression.

Was supposed to be cute little animals for day 30 …

… but a lovely event meant a change of plans. No trip to the wildlife park with the kids, instead handed them over to my parents and rushed off to London to deliver cots, carrycots, car seats and the like to our friends house as their son decided it was time to come and meet the world somewhat early.

So, unfortunately for you it means more moon shots, although I did manage to grab a few wing mirror and window shots in the car on the way home. See what you think. Don’t forget you can comment, I really don’t mind (in fact I’d love it), good, bad or ugly at least I know you felt something!

Mooning about on the 29th

Felt rude not to make the most of a full moon out tonight. Instead of another trees shot, I just went for a plain moon, zoom is limited by my lens options. Wasn’t impressed until I looked at them in Lightroom. Now, I know the moon moves, it is just I have never thought about how much in a minute, surely not discernibly so I thought. The five pictures all taken from the same spot and near enough a minute between each shot showed me how wrong I was. So, not great art or moon shots, but one where I discovered something real.

Then onto the next two images. Not impressed with the moon ones, I trundle off to my office for inspiration. A few aborted attempts later I decide to shoot one of the cable tidies I got for Christmas.I kinda like the final result, needs more punch (read better lighting – desk lamp and flash are end of life’ing), but on the whole pleased with the colour and abstractness (no, I know, not a word!)

Day 28 is Moonshine

Under the weather today so not been in the mood to think of shots. Then, as if by magic, the clouds dispersed and a pretty nice moon appeared. By the time I’d sorted dinner out the clouds were back, but in fits and starts, so I decided to give it a go. Welcome to the results. Just 2 images, the rest were really rubbish; too dark, utterly pointless or too light, so if you think these are bad, imagine what the rest were like.

Off to the sofa now for tea and rubbish TV while I work this cold out of my system.

Circling the kitchen for day 27

Finally got back to the SLR today. Despite a heavy workload and cold on the way, felt motivated to try to take something other than iPhone today. So off to the kitchen I went and plucked items with littles circles. Can you guess what the items are before reading the descriptions?

BMF and all that for day 25

So day 25 and tough weekend time continues today with commitment to exercise taking priority. A year ago I would never have thought that I would put exercise anywhere close to the top of my priority list, but British Military Fitness has changed all that. It is exercise outside (yes, in all weathers – quite enjoyed it in the snow!), but most importantly it is exercising in a group and the camaraderie that goes with it. That means that I have been motivated to go by the conversations and social nights that go with the gruelling exercise. Can’t say fairer than that. Anyway, its been hard getting there with poorly sproglies of late, so I found tonight’s session particularly hard and I have nothing left to give to 365, so I have just iPhone’d a little BMF snippet. Quite like it, may do it properly with big camera one day!

Day 23 of 365 – birthday cakes and alcohol

Reasons why to the two shouldn’t mix. Entertaining this weekend, so time for some iPhone 365 action again. This is what happens when the birthday cake characters need to go in the bin, the kids are in bed and the booze has been flowing. Please do not take these images seriously. No animals were harmed in the making of these images.

Just chatting, not 23 of 365 yet

Just reflecting back on what I have been up to in the last 12 months and what I am hoping to achieve in the rest of the year. From an art/photography perspective I enjoyed Artist Open House purely for the interaction and feedback that is always available at these type of events. The only downside is how little visitors there were in 2009, to the extent that I think it unlikely I will be able to spare the time for it this year.

The A1 Exhibition in Whitstable at the Horsebridge Centre was quite impressive, partly because of the diversity of art available from local artists. The other great thing is the amount of people that visit the centre. If you are in Whitstable at all, you really should pop by. They have exhibitions on all the time with free entry, so the only thing you may risk is spending money on art if something catches your eye! Hopefully I’ll be able to do something like that again this year and with a bit of luck do a full exhibition in there too.

So what other aims this year? Well I have number 2 in the Kenya series to complete and definitely want to add more animals to the animal illustration series. From a photography angle obviously the 365 is pushing me a lot and is really enjoyable.

Aside from these I am working with 3 clients from web site design and building perspective, all of which are challenging and interesting in their own right. One is  a personal mission to help out a local landscaping and groundworks company who have done some amazing work for us and I am pulling them into the web world so that everyone can see how brilliant they are. Another is helping a local retailer in Whitstable who have the most Aladdin Cave like shop and we are trying to achieve that feel with their website, I will be talking about this a bit as I am liking the direction it is going and trying to be something other than your usual retail site. The owners are passionate about the ethos they have for visiting their shop in the real world and are desperate to keep that personality online too, which is a tough challenge when everything is so minimal and square online right now. The final project is a group effort amongst friends to bring something new to the world of eatery reviews. I will probably bore you stupid with this one, as it is something I am already living and breathing (along with everything else). So get ready for lots of interspersed posts about all of these. Sorry in advance.

Right. Well, given that list of things to work on, I had better crack on while the two poorly children in my life snooze. Also need to figure out 365 for today, the weather is seriously dismal outside, so more inside shots I think.