Been a while, but make mine a 99

Been a busy year since stopping doing my 365. Have managed my first solo exhibition. Towards the end of last year I joined the board of  the Horsebridge in Whitstable, it has been very interesting so far and I am determined to help the amazing team to grow the venue to be the cultural hub for Whitstable and the Canterbury District. One step we have taken is to create a pop-up shop, enabling the Horsebridge to sell smaller pieces of artwork from the wealth of artists that have exhibited at an accessible price and location. The first unveiling of the pop-up shop will be June 19th at the Horsebridge summer market and this has inspired me to create some unlimited edition prints that will hopefully sell and the commission that Horsebridge earn will go some way to ensuring the centre can continue to grow and continue to be a fantastic place to enjoy art. If you are about please do go along and support local artists and the Horsebridge.

So, anyway, waffling over, here are the 4 new prints for this weekend. Two are simplified variations of the limited edition Whitstable Oyster Beach and two are brand new creations. They will be available in A3 size for £35, A4 for £25 and then A5 cards for £5.

Day 365. The End. Final Curtain.

So here is the final 365 image. I’ll be back with a round-up post later in the week, but for now, a huge thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed (some of) it and I’ve loved the feedback I’ve had via comments, email and twitter.

Now, the time is near, it’s time to face the final curtain.

Day 364 … reely close to finishing

Well, just one more day and image to go after today. I’ll save the look back for the round up post, but sufficed to say, there will not be another personal 365 next year! Tidying and sorting my workspace today ready for a clean and productive start to 2011, this included sorting out all the sewing paraphernalia and putting it in the wooden stand box I got given for my wedding anniversary from hubby. Also a sneaky pic of son, being my son!

Day 363 Doors and bare bones

Had to remove the lampshade in the playroom as it made everything too dark. Sproglies made paperchains. On reflection it does look like we did Christmas rather too minimally.

And yes, the door is a bit drunk and also a bit blurry too, do I care, no, I was outside and had a 2 yo hanging off my arm!

Day 361

Wow. Just a few days to go before this challenge ends. That means that it is time to end on a high. I’ll start that tomorrow!

Day 359 Christmas!

Christmas is a time for family and games. I got Creationary for Christmas, like Pictionary, but instead of drawing you create, with Lego. I am sad enough to absolutely love this. Even got to the stage where models were being created under the table so noone could guess it before it was finished!

If you follow me on twitter, then you’ll know that today I also got a new camera. I shall now being spending the next few days trying to sneak moments to play with it and learn all about it. This was my first published 5d mk ii image. Not really showing off its amazing abilities, but I am loving it. I must have been a very good girl this year!

Day 358 Christmas Eve is finally here

The sproglies nursery helped them create Santa cookie mix in a jar, the idea was to use it to make cookies for Santa and the reindeers. They loved doing it and then laying them out on a plate with beer and milk before bedtime. This will definitely become a tradition for us now.